Before Creating a Support Ticket

We are a only a few people now. For those who still have a subscription, please check the Knowledge Base for answers before submitting a ticket. Thank you.

20th Sep 2021
Buffering Issues

PLEASE go through our Buffering / Connections Issue Article here first before contacting support.  For anyone experiencing buffering issues after reading the above article, please send a ticket describing the issue with your IP  address (go to to get your IP address ) so we can run some tests, any tickets without this ... Read More »

5th Jul 2021
We have yet another new Merchant Account this year

Hello New payment processor has gone live once again and is accepting cards payments, there may be delays.  As with any TV Streaming service, we are always needing to get new Merchant Processing accounts and they only last a few months. This new company is out of the UK and should help with the issues with the UK credit cards. This will work ... Read More »

1st Jul 2021
****Filelinked Store No More****

Please use the downloader app and input the codes below into the url box making sure there is just the code in there and nothing else,  then the apps will download again.   Downloader codes for Sapphire   Sapphire LTQ= 92443   Sapphire XC= 46976   Sapphire TV V2= 53307   Sapphire Sky App= 15620   Sapphire Perfect Player= ... Read More »

25th Jun 2021


As you are well aware of this deadly outbreak across the globe we ask you be patient with staff who may not answer tickets as fast as they normally do, rest assured they will work as fast as they can to help you. Please all stay safe in these unprecedented times.

24th Mar 2020